Thursday, September 17, 2009

Toshiba Vista Ubuntu 9.04 Install

Vista fought like hell........Toshiba and Microsoft should be proud.
Awhile back the old hard drive failed. Warning of hard drive failure. Backup!!! and then would reboot often (Toast).
New hard drive:
Received a new hard drive from Geeks. Restore disk?.....uha! K, don't have access to the restore.
Any Who:
The new hard drive (used) belonged to someone named Marc. It had some decent advanced stuff on it. I tried to find Vista restore disks, but found a great tool.
Look under Links: Tools
My 1st attempt was on a different notebook:
HP Pavilion ZT1000 s, Running XP Home Edition (512) No memory upgrade available.
Ubuntu desktop edition 9.04 came up on the desktop. So I speed clicked through everything I saw and shut it down. Then went on to cleaning up the XP H.E..
Ubuntu Desktop Edition 9.04:
Ubuntu loaded on the Toshiba after a little screaming from the Vista boot. Once I was able to access Ubuntu from the disk I was able to install it easily.
After the install was complete the Networking and Wireless options were checked, But the wireless was not working. With an RJ45 kick start and a restart Ubuntu came alive with the wireless.
Myspace, games, and video's took some twisting to work.